Writer Word Art + Nietzsche

Distractions : Etymologic

I had wanted to write a proper blog post today, but it’s just not happening (re: tail end of a cold; can’t stop sneezing!). But it’s been awhile since I offered a distraction. Sorry I couldn’t offer this game sooner to help with any last minute Friday procrastination, but better late than never.

Enjoy Etymologic which bills itself as “the toughest word game on the web.” I scored 6/10. Don’t second guess yourself. You’d be surprised with some of the answers.

Let’s Make Up Some Words!

MP900303002I’m sure we can all remember learning in our high school English classes that Shakespeare invented somewhere in the ballpark of a gazillion words we still use to this day. Frugal, obscene, skim milk, zany just to name a few and we all cringe when someone uses catch-22 incorrectly. English is a great language for making up words and phrases (although, don’t tell that to the more uppity Strunk & White).

But besides Shakespeare, there are plenty of other wordsmiths out there creating many of our words. For example, NERD which is brought to you by Dr. Seuss from If I Ran the Zoo or CHORTLE from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass. 

Dictionary.com has an interesting short slideshow with “nine novel English neologisms.”