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A Bookish Valentine’s Day

My dear friends over at Literary Man have found this fantastic photo for their post, “If Libraries Could Get Any Sexier…” Enjoy!




…And Introducing, Woody Allen

Like all neurotic writers living in NYC, I love Woody Allen. I don’t even remember there being a period in my life when I wasn’t an avid fan of his films. The writing is always quick and witty and his filmmaking talent is A-number-one. And like all poor, neurotic NYC writers, I have no television. So, needless to say, I was thrilled to hear that the recently aired Robert Weide directed two-part documentary was available to watch on PBS’s website.

I’ve only had time to watch the first part but it was so intriguing. Of course, the documentary delves into Woody’s early comedic career and his wonderful films in the sixties and seventies, but so much time is devoted to talking about him as a writer. Since he was fifteen-years-old, he has been steadily employed as a writer!

And even if you don’t like Woody Allen’s film(*)–I don’t even know how this is possible, but I’m sure it happens–the documentary is worth a gander if you are interested in writing and the writing process.

Below are some links that both aficionados and newcomers might find interesting:

(*) Never trust a person who doesn’t like at least one Woody Allen film. Approach cautiously.