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Short Film Adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery

Last week’s post about the new Shirley Jackson story that was just posthumously published had me thinking about this short film adaptation of her story, “The Lottery.” I couldn’t recall if I had actually ever seen it and with some minimal internet sleuthing I’ve found it. The short film also features an incredibly young Ed Begley Jr. in his first film role (he plays Jack Watson). Enjoy!

Additional Reading … Interesting article from Shirley Jackon’s biographer detailing the hundreds of hate letters she received after this story was published. Also, the biographer touches on the perplexed feelings some readers had. The New Yorker also has a digitized version of the story from the 1948 issue it first appeared in.

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a good ole fashion summer ghost story??

Does a summer ghost story exist? We usually want to read something fast and gripping while sitting on the beach sipping our tropical drinks. No, ghost stories or haunted houses must be for the winter when we are all cold and draped under multiple layers of blankets and cursing the blizzard outside.


I am just about to finish up with a project that has been years in the making. My head is about to explode! The thought of looking at a word processor for one more minute is going to make me scream! Now it’s time for a good ole fashion ghost story (or haunted house or small town in Scotland where the townfolk are harboring a dark secret). One of my absolutely favorites is Shirley Jackson’s, The Haunting of Hill HouseOn a side note, you can also read her fantastic short story, “The Lottery,” online here.

So, bring it on. Any suggestions?

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One of my favorite blogs is Multo (Ghost). “This is a blog about ghosts — literal, fictional, and metaphorical. It’s also a blog about whatever I want it to be about, so sometimes, the connection to ghosts may be a bit tenuous.”

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