secret of the old clock

The Secret of the Old Clock By Carolyn Keene

Let’s not discuss why I was reading a Nancy Drew book–a series written for elementary school children–and instead, talk about how totally rad Nancy is!

The first book was published in 1930. Of course, reading this book as an adult, I could easily point to the silliness and absurdity of the plot but that doesn’t stop me from waxing fondly about my favorite childhood heroine. I used to live across the street from a children’s bookstore and they would proudly line their sidewalk display with the yellow covers of the Nancy Drew series.

I’m definitely not in the know when it comes to what the youth are reading these days except for books that involve vampires and love triangles, but I do hope that they are gobbling up the pages of Carolyn Keene’s series.

Nancy is resilient and quick thinking. She does right by the underdog and always gets her man. In The Secret of the Old Clock, Nancy helps her fellow neighbors in times of need, fixes a flat tire, attempts to pick a lock after being shut in a closet by a criminal, and doesn’t get intimidated by anyone.

Of course, the narrative is written simply but it has some great “plotty” stuff that kids should appreciate. In The Secret of the Old Clock, Nancy is in search of a possible second will of the late Josiah Crowley. If only Nancy could find this missing document to help the poor friends of Mr. Crowley who were left out of the first will! It was a real pleasure revisiting Nancy and I hope I get a chance to do it again.

“In a flash Nancy’s detective instincts were aroused and her heart pounded excitedly. ‘It must be Josiah Crowley’s will they’re talking about,’ she reasoned.” –Nancy Drew