pynchon in public

Pynchon in Public 2014

gravitys rainbow

In honor of author Thomas Pynchon’s birthday, it’s Pynchon in Public Day, a day described as a “culture jamming festival to be herein evidenced by photographic, textual, cartographic and video documentation. To prove it really happened, that our world was not projected.” Vintage Classic is also offering a free Gravity’s Rainbow background for download. I own two copies of Gravity’s Rainbow, but have yet to finish it. However, I strongly recommend The Crying of Lot 49, which I’ve read twice. For those who are new to Thomas Pynchon, the latter book might be an easier introduction. Pynchon is known for his big tomes and complicated plots.

Are there any Pynchon books you recommend? I hear that Inherent Vice is being adapted into a film by Paul Thomas Anderson.