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Wellcome Images Virtual Collection Unleashed

This week, London-based Wellcome Images released more than 100,000 digital images for free. The historical images range from photographs, etchings, sketches and more, and are in super high quality. I dare you to stop yourself from looking through the centuries-old medical and science illustrations depicting all of the horrible maladies that befall the human anatomy.

The dance of death: Death finds an author writing his life. Colour lithograph by Edward Hull.

This is good news for bloggers, researchers, and lovers of all things interesting and old. I recommend you take a stroll through. You can search through Wellcome Images collection with the added ability of saving favorites to your ‘lightbox.’ Also, I’ve included a few other selections of sources for images in the public domain that you can use to spruce up your blog or gaze at longingly.


  • | a collection of fine art. “The project aims to create high-quality, most complete and well-structured online repository of fine art.”
  • | huge collection of work including images. “[A] non-profit that was founded to build an Internet library. Its purposes include offering permanent access… to historical collections that exist in digital format.”
  • Project Gutenberg | besides it immense collection of public domain texts, Project Gut also includes original etchings and illustrations when possible.
  • Public Domain Review | articles & spotlights highlighting the interestingness of works in the public domain. “[It] aims to help its readers to explore this rich terrain – like a small exhibition gallery at the entrance of an immense network of archives and storage rooms that lie beyond.”