mikhail bulgakov

A Book of One’s Own


my mantle has books & a piggy bank

Because it’s Thanksgiving, I considered it and decided against my original post. Too much thinking about food (carbs + red wine = good) was interfering with my brain! But I was able to think about how December is coming up. It will be the time of hot chocolate, snow, warm socks, and a good book. Because I’ve been reading so many books to review and for novel research, I can’t even remember the last book I read for pleasure.

I was gazing at my mantle to see what books could be possible contenders for “The Book I Will be Totally Engrossed with for the Chilly Month of December.”


  1. I would sort of like it to be considered somewhat literary but I’m willing to forsake that rule for the pleasurability factor.
  2. Not too short; not too long. I would like to savor it for at least two weeks but not still be working through it by Martin Luther King Day.
  3. I will not be embarrassed to read it in public, i.e., the subway. However, if it’s that good I’d be willing to craft a book cover out of a paper bag elementary school-style.
  4. Non-fiction/memoir is acceptable but nothing terribly weepy.
  5. Preferably not a hardcover (my delicate hands prefer softcovers).
  6. Easy to acquire or cheap. Meaning, I could probably get it at the library or from a used book store.
  7. I haven’t read it before. No repeats allowed.
  8. And finally, it can’t be Gravity’s Rainbow. It just can’t be.

With that said, I had a view ideas for contenders:

  • The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins : Definitely, a monster in appearance, but I did try reading this once and it was easy to breeze through but I got sidetracked. Pros: Softcover, considered first mystery novel Cons: still a giant
  • The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov : I’ve always wanted to read this book. It has been heralded as one of the greatest of the Twentieth century. Pros: Softcover, a satire about the Devil coming to atheistic Russia Cons: Could it be too Russian?
  • The Road to Wellville by T.C. Boyle : I’m a huge fan of breakfast cereal and cultish kooks. Pros: and comedy ensues? Cons: hardcover; IT’S HUGE!

Phew! So much to think about to find the right fit.

Any suggestions??