No Rest for the Writer


weary reader rest
not for too long when you pick
your head up rejoice


In celebration of National Poetry Month and in response to Time For Poetry, a haiku by this tired writer and reader who is trying to muster up some stamina for two book reviews that are due to editors soon (books I still haven’t finished reading) and trying to look at my own manuscript with its final 10,000-20,000 words being narrowed in on. I can’t help but feel like this perfect Edvard Munch painting.


“Haiku Traffic Signs Bring Poetry To NYC Streets”

NYC seems to have an interesting way of keeping our citizens safe while traversing the busy streets: haiku traffic signs. They are in all five boroughs and are trying to raise awareness against our aggressive tactics to get from one side of the road to the other. I’m not sure how super effective they will be but it’s always nice to have a little literature/poetry in one’s life.

Maybe they will make

Fun little postcards or book

Out of these road signs.