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1984 & The Hate Week

This morning, I pulled out my copy of 1984. The one I read for junior year English class in high school. I turned to the first page and saw my markups. Hate week. That’s what this has felt like but sadly for more than a week. 

The Elephant in the Room by Jon Ronson


For years now, I’ve been a huge fan of Jon Ronson. His writing is entirely interesting and he knows how to tell his fascinating stories. I’ve read many of his books–some, more than once–and I adore listening to the audiobook versions that he reads himself.*

I don’t often get a chance to read non-fiction, but this is generally the kind I like and prefer.

A few years ago, I read Them: Adventures with Extremists and was horrified, but ultimately amused with the absurdity of David Icke and his very tall shapeshifting reptiles that both live underground and are adamant on controlling the human race, along with the tin foil hat variety of nutters like Alex Jones, who goes loony for supposed human sacrifice and for some reason is very keen on the idea that the government is constantly using actors in lieu of real victims of gun violence (if you hate yourself, just Google: Alex Jones + Sandy Hook). Their conspiracy theories were preposterous and if you scratch your nail shallow across their arguments, any rational human could see that they’re really masks for antisemitism (read the book; you’ll see). But these were fringe nutjobs, who I assumed had a small, obsessed following. I also thought they stayed in the shadows, tuning in to their insane radio shows, and keeping, ultimately to themselves and not getting their crazy train cooties on the rest of us. Sadly, that has changed this past year…

One does not have to read Them in order to read with rapt interest, Jon Ronson’s new title. It is a short piece–approximately 15,000 words–and focuses on the obscenely overt influence Alex Jones has on Donald Trump. It’s been about 15 years since the book and even though Jon Ronson has repeatedly stated that he personally likes Alex Jones even if the latter spreads paranoia and frightful insanity, he and Jones have had a falling out. Ronson reunited with him during the Republican National Convention to witness firsthand Jones’ ascent and how the once minor league captain of the tin foil hat society became the number one operator of the hate machine that is Donald Trump, the GOP’s presidential candidate this year.

The Elephant in the Room: A Journey into the Trump Campaign and the “Alt-Right” definitely is in the same vein of Ronson’s other writing: he places himself within the story he’s reporting on to illustrate how the naive reader might also perceive this strangeness and to illuminate a niche that might not be widely known and accessible. There is seriousness and humor. Jon Ronson is never dismissive of his subjects but he will point to when they are being ridiculous or worthy of criticism. He’s also very good at pointing out contradiction (for example, paintball guns and squirt guns were verboten at the convention, but real guns were a-okay).

Readers of Them will enjoy the part 2 aspect of this new essay, but readers who haven’t yet read the earlier book will indeed enjoy (used loosely) this, too. Ronson pokes at Trump’s inner circle and their shady dealings, how even Glenn Beck got creeped out once by Donald Trump, and how frightening it has become that these people that I once pshawed as weirdo fringe fruit loops, have now taken a mighty throne on top of a soap box which a vast number of people in a certain sect of the voting population are listening, too.

To them, it is okay to be an obscene bigot and unapologetic racist. These people enjoy their incendiary speech that is often misogynistic, racist, and antisemitic.

So enjoy!

No, really. I really recommend. I also recommend Jon Ronson’s other full-length books and audiobooks.

This is a Kindle Single and FREE for Amazon Prime US members and Kindle Unlimited subscribers everywhere. Otherwise, it is a mere $1.99 for the rest of us. So, grab it and read it right now.


(*) I also highly recommend checking out some of Jon Ronson’s past television shows from British TV. Doing a cursory Youtube search can bring up loads of episodes of Secret Rulers of the World and For the Love Of… When watching, please be forewarned of the 1990s.

(**) Sneaking in a second television recommendation: Louis Theroux also does similar reporting. His shows are great, too. The 1990s warning also applies here for some of his older episodes.