Distractions : Which Beat Generation Writer Are You?

I usually loathe all things Buzzfeed, but I was totally suckered into their Which Beat Generation Writer Are You? quiz. Perfect for a Friday distraction. Which writer did you get? My result is: Charles Bukowski.

beat writer


Distractions : Sunday Funday

It’s a lazy Sunday for most (unless you’re a certain quarterback or two) and before you start guzzling beer and dipping chips into various dips, here is a fun little quiz from Buzzfeed meant to predict the career you should actually have. Based on my love of Indiana Jones, travelling, and National Geographic, I thought I would be assigned ‘professional adventurer.’ Although, I’m unsure if this actually was an option. What did you get? Were you surprised?

Distractions : Dead or Alive, Characters in Literature

I’m really trying to get a bunch of writerly work done today, but before I do, it’s time for a little Dead or Alive? Can you name the status of each character at the end of the literary work? Time for a little distraction…

I did abysmally; only about 50%. How did you do??

Distractions : Match the Author’s Pen Name

I am completely inundated with books to read and review, novels to write, Kahlua iced coffee to drink, but I have taken an afternoon pause. Shouldn’t you, too? I just finished playing “Can you match the pen names with the authors’ real names?” I got one wrong! And that one is nagging me. But, I hope you can enjoy a quick literary break.

It’s been a few months since I last posted a Distraction. If today’s doesn’t suit your taste, try the archives.

Distractions : Vintage Librarians

Even while running around all week trying to tie up loose ends in anticipation of my super sunny vacation, I paused to go through the Flavorwire 25 Vintage Photos of Librarians Being Awesome.

Favorite? #2 for obvious reasons. Enjoy!

Distractions : Etymologic

I had wanted to write a proper blog post today, but it’s just not happening (re: tail end of a cold; can’t stop sneezing!). But it’s been awhile since I offered a distraction. Sorry I couldn’t offer this game sooner to help with any last minute Friday procrastination, but better late than never.

Enjoy Etymologic which bills itself as “the toughest word game on the web.” I scored 6/10. Don’t second guess yourself. You’d be surprised with some of the answers.

Distractions : The Cheever Letters

I once had a roommate whose mother didn’t find Seinfeld funny at all. Needless to say–and for various other reasons–I did not like this roommate’s mother. She couldn’t even explain herself! (she also didn’t like New York City and thought Los Angeles was the greatest place). What a loon!

I love the references to New York City-specific things but also, they have great literary references every now and then. Enjoy.

Distractions : Philip K. Dick, Gogol, and the thrifty library

As a poor writer of no importance, I must keep my spending in check. Of course, I wish I would have an endless supply of cash money and one of those fancy home libraries that  really only exists in the movies. So, to help with my compulsion, I check out the cheap books that the sellers on the New York streets offer, utilize the public library, and hit up those wonderful organizations like my favorite Project Gutenberg, et al.

I have been stuck in ¡total distraction! perusing the many free titles on Amazon’s Kindle store. When I think of free books, I generally think of books in the public domain–classics, mythology, etc. Yet, yesterday, I came across a ton of stories by Philip K. Dick that are being offered for free. If you’re like me, the summer is time for some plotty fun. Perfect!

Also, not for free but for $0.99, are The Works of Nikolai Gogol, which includes the short story, “Viy,” which was made in to a fantastic film in Russia in 1967.

Distractions : Shakespearean Insult Generator

Thou dissembling urchin-snouted haggard!

Thou puking rump-fed canker-blossom!

Thou rank pottle-deep maggot-pie!

Shakespearean Insult Generator


Distractions : Harry Potter on SNL

My brain felt fried last night and my eyes were droopy. My weakened body could barely lift my arm to pour myself a glass of red wine and break off a chunk of Hershey bar. When my head is too overloaded, I’m also a fan of going down the tube that leads to silly online videos. Albeit, not the greatest of all time but the part with Snape was giggle-worthy.

**unfortunately, I don’t think this video is available outside of the US.