alan moore

the South Carolina censorship of Alan Moore’s Neonomicon

  1. Are you ready for some good ole fashion censorship? Apparently, a 14-year-old somewhere in South Carolina checked-out Neonomicoma graphic novel by Alan Moore, from her local library. When her mother took a gander she saw a bad bad word (which hasn’t been divulged to the public) and filed a formal complaint contesting having the book in circulation. Even after the internal advisory committee recommended the book be returned to its shelf, library führer, Beverly James had another opinion,

Library officials tell us an internal committee voted to keep the book, but library Executive Director Beverly James decided to pull it off the shelves. James tells 7 On Your Side, “I can override their recommendation…I’m ultimately responsible.” James adds that she did not feel the book’s content was appropriate for the library system’s collection.

According to the library, the graphic novel was shelved in the adult book section of the library and the 14-year-old had an adult library card. Of course, the mother is allowed to not think the content of a book about “two FBI agents, Brears and Lamper, investigating a series of ritual murders. An exploration of the works of HP Lovecraft, it looks at issues of race and sexuality and contains a brutal rape scene” appropriate for her kid but she should drive over to the library and drop the book off into the depository and be done with it. We all have to deal with things we don’t like on a daily basis, but we just carry on. We should have the choice whether we want to read this book or not. Even the library shelved it in the adult section indicating that its target audience was not for children.