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Besides this blog, I also write reviews and articles for publications. My topics are focused on literature, books, and works-in-translation, as well as the occasional article about poetry and visual arts. In the past, I have also penned interesting pieces as a guest writer for websites/blogs. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in me writing something wonderful for you.

*UPDATE: Please note that I’m super busy in regards to reading & writing, and I probably won’t be able to take on any unsolicited galleys or interviews. I leave this bit below for good measure (just in case).

Also, I have featured interviews here of exciting new writers and publishing endeavors. If you think I might be interested, please first take a look at my past interviews.

Reviews…this is a tricky one. I am usually really swamped by stacks of books and galleys, but if you think your book should be reviewed here, I suggest you first read some of my recent book reviews to get a sense of what I go for. I don’t have a type, but fiction that is exciting, intriguing, and captivating is top priority. I adore debuts and works-in-translation, too. I avoid romance and YA novels (and I think New Fiction, although, honestly I don’t know what this new genre is). I’ve been known to enjoy horror and sci-fi on occasion (think Solaris, Philip K. Dick, Lovecraft, King). *Note to self-published authors: At this time, I am not accepting unsolicited manuscripts for review. You might want to consider IndieGalley. And please don’t try to trick me by writing that a house is putting it out when it’s really just you under a banner name.


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I curate all of the material on this blog. If you enjoy a book mentioned, please consider purchasing a copy through The Book Depository, which offers free world wide shipping, or an independent bookseller. Affiliate proceeds go to the maintenance of

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