Potpourri for $200, Alex


A grey, opaque endless skyline seems about right.

Like most, these past days have been a mixture of anxiety, stress, anger, and shame (and some more words; please insert your favorites). Besides our electoral PTSD we’re all dealing with from the past year and a half, the onslaught of the rapid and flawed news cycle can make anyone’s heart explode.

Hyperbole aside, it’s been rough days. For the time being, I’m generally staying away from the news, letting my eyes scroll over my newsfeed. Somehow I’ve become more tolerant of inane articles about technology (read: Wired). These briefly distracted me from the racists and bigots who are being given powerful positions and platforms.

For a while, consuming books and television felt hollow and frustrating, writing useless. I have no doubt that others feel or have felt this way recently. So, I leave you with internet potpourri for a momentary mental health break.



  1. Like Paris hasn’t suffered enough! I am with you — let’s workshop this gift idea and find something that doesn’t suck.

    I’ve been in the same cycle of anxiety and rage and sadness ever since the election, and I don’t foresee anything changing. I am legitimately afraid for the endurance of our democratic institutions, and I have to say that we’ve been far too casual about eroding freedoms and transparency in the post-9/11 era (across the Bush *and* Obama presidencies), and that it’s going to come back and bite us in the ass (like, more? more than it already was?) under Trump. 😦

    1. You definitely put into words exactly how I feel (and I heard the Jennys’ exasperation on your recent podcast). I know that I should be really paying attention, but I do think that the public needs a moment or two to grieve and take a step back, and then go full force (if only for everyone’s mental health–I mean this completely unironically). I’ve been trying to stay away from the news, but of course, I see the headlines. I am happy that the NY Times has been keeping tabs on all of Trump’s clear conflict of interest business meetings (attended by his children, too) that he’s conducted in the past days.

      I felt shallow when I saw the Jeff Koons article, but I stand by my initial reaction. This is really a horrendous gift to give an ally and nation that is also grieving.

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