Brain on Books

So busy. So very, very busy. Barely able to read a lick of text. I do hate when everything gets chucked to the side. I don’t feel very much like myself when I’m not reading or writing, and there has been way too much of that lately. However, I’ve been getting back into a routine and I’m writing writing writing (excitement!). Sadly, though, I’ve become one of those people that doesn’t read. How is that possible?! (wait, let me backtrack, I have been able to listen to a few books via audiobooks).

How does one unplug their brain? The galleys are stacking up and the publicists are chomping at the bit. While I try to figure out how to unplug my brain from the Matrix, I leave you with this photo of a skull on a pile of books. Odd, yet somehow fitting.

skull on books



  1. Hi. I understand the visual of the skull on the books, point taken. Sometimes you just need 2 hours at the barn….and then go back. “all work and no play…”

  2. I hear you on the struggle to get reading time when you’re being kidnapped by life demands. For me, I can’t bear it after a couple days. Along the same lines, one thing I love about warm weather and summertime is walking my dogs and seeing someone reading on a porch. It fills me with a big happy, because it’s what I love to do, but I rarely give it to myself. Instead, I’m always trying to take care of everything else first. This summer, I’ve vowed to change that and plan to spend many hours during nights and weekends reading on my porch.

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