In Search of Lost Literature



I just threw a request up on Twitter, but I thought I would also mine your eclectic minds and tastes for suggestions. I’m in search of interesting reads–specifically, in the public domain. As much as we all love our Austens and Eliots and insert favorite dead philosopher here, I am on an excavation for those that most of us have overlooked.

Any recs?


  1. Project Gutenberg exists for this very reason!

    Since my specialty is mostly forgotten dead writers, I could recommend dozens of books. I won’t, though, because that would be tedious.

    Have you read A Simple Story by Elizabeth Inchbald?

  2. Hey — I know you’ve picked your December reads already, but I’ve been doing a bit of reading to get ready for Winter Tales season (I’ll try to put up my first post tonight) — I’ve come across some Arthur Quiller-Couch and some Mary Elizabeth Braddon that are really quite interesting.

    You can find Quiller-Couch in P.G (I’ve got Old Fires and Profitable Ghosts, a short story collection, and his volumes On the Art of Reading and On the Art of Writing. Also, you can find other short stories at places like

    Braddon is in P.G., and P.G. Australia. Lady Audley’s Secret is her most famous novel (I’ve not read it yet), and there’s a short collection of short stories at P.G. Australia, Collected Stories. The British Library is putting out a collection, too. But I’m sure it will be spendy (haven’t even looked…) —

    Just to add to your list, for your next “all-mine” reading season 🙂

    1. Thanks sooo much! My public domain hunt is actually for a project I’ve been asked to work on (coming out next year… I think). So I’m still searching over the next few weeks–my first deadline is the end of the month, in which I choose a PD title.

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