Distractions : Which Beat Generation Writer Are You?

I usually loathe all things Buzzfeed, but I was totally suckered into their Which Beat Generation Writer Are You? quiz. Perfect for a Friday distraction. Which writer did you get? My result is: Charles Bukowski.

beat writer


      1. If you have five spare minutes, you can quickly take the quiz again several times by randomly plugging in different answer combinations. You’ll get to see at least some of the other results that way.

    1. Ha! Nope. I got William S. Burroughs. I took the Buzzfeed literary couples quiz the other day and I got Lady Chatterley and Oliver, I was shocked.

      1. I don’t often know what their “algorithm” is (for lack of a better term). I was half-surprised by Bukowski because I assumed I would get Burroughs, if only for my surprising enjoyment of Naked Lunch and a predilection for a good party, minus William Tell. But I can see Bukowski as well.

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