Distractions : Sunday Funday

It’s a lazy Sunday for most (unless you’re a certain quarterback or two) and before you start guzzling beer and dipping chips into various dips, here is a fun little quiz from Buzzfeed meant to predict the career you should actually have. Based on my love of Indiana Jones, travelling, and National Geographic, I thought I would be assigned ‘professional adventurer.’ Although, I’m unsure if this actually was an option. What did you get? Were you surprised?



      1. Although I answered the questions honestly and not with a particular end in mind, it never occurred to me that I could get anything but writer. I’m glad I didn’t. I would have been a bit flummoxed.

      2. Designer really threw me. Although, my vocation is with words I always imagine everything visually and thought I would be better suited as a visual artist (if I had the talent for it, that is!).

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