Gifts for the Writer Who Writes & More…

At first, I was unsure if I would add to the already growing number of blogs and websites who are offering up ideas for writers and book lovers, but today I have the desire to share some of my favorites or other bits and bobs I’ve found on the interweb. The first section is for writerly types and the second, for all who love books and bookish things.

gift snowman

For those who write…

  • Ommwriter is nifty software that I found this week. I have a terrible time concentrating, but I’ve been so much more focused and productive since using this. According to their website, Ommwriter is “your own private writing room where you can close the door behind you to focus on your writing in peace.” It is simple and unfussy. Really, I can’t go on enough about how wonderful this product is. There is a free version as well as a full version ($1.99).
  • Scrivener is perfect for long, complicated projects like novel writing. This software is designed for writers organizing novel or short story manuscripts, plays, screenplays, etc. Also, wonderful for people with research heavy projects. There are corkboard and research functions. I’ve written about Scrivener before, which offers plenty of info. It is available as a great 30-day free trial or for purchase with a price ranging from $35-$40.
  • Tools for the Writer is a post I did in February, which features eight digital tools to help with productivity, organization, and creativity. All are free and range from digital Moleskine journals to a collaborative writing app to a flash fiction prompter (personally, I’m most curious about this last one).
  • Solitude is tantamount to writing. Whether we like it or not, writing-for the most part-is a solitary act. A perfect writerly present would be to give this to a writer, whether that be leaving the house for a good chunk of time or if you have the funds, paying for a retreat (this could take the form of a residency or a simple secluded workspace for a week). How about this? But more importantly, scram! Your mere presence is harshing my creative flow!

For those who love books…

  • I should really direct your attention to two blogs that I follow, both with lists for holiday gifts. Maedez at A Small Press Life has a whole section of posts dealing with Shopping for the Bookworm and Rory at Fourth Street Review has put up her list of gifts, which I will shamelessly list from†.
  • †Literary Maps from The Literary Gift Company. Need I say more? Famous authors’ names make up these maps. You can choose from a few countries.
  • Gift Cards to favorite bookshops is always a pleaser. If you’re not sure what that book lover in your life has on their to-read list, best to get a gift card/certificate to their local bookshop.
  • Unemployed Philosophers Guild has all things philosophical, literary, and Monty Python. I, myself, have a Sisyphus watch from them that reminds me to contemplate the futility of my existence. For bookish things, they have Poe, Shakespeare, Alice in Wonderland, and even Freudian Slippers. Trust me. You will want many things here.
  • Moby Dick Sailing Ship Necklace is available through the Library Foundation of Los Angeles. I really want this because of my love for all things seafaring and Moby Dick, which we all know is just a simple tale about a man who hates an animal. For more literary jewelry, Zola Books put together a list that includes a REDRUM necklace, if you are so inclined.


  1. Great list! Thanks for the shout-out, and for introducing me to The Unemployed Philosophers Guild last week. I also really love the Moby Dick Sailing Ship Necklace.

  2. I love Scrivener; the support for research and notes, etc is awesome, and it also provides a more distraction-free environment for just writing.

    OmmWriter looks interesting, though I have to say that when I really need to concentrate and think about what I’m writing I mostly want to just step away from the keyboard and screen altogether and use a notebook and pen. Amazing how my mind opens up when I’m staring at paper, not a screen. Probably some people find the re-transcribing the text to the computer tedious, but I just use it as my first edit session…

    1. I like Scrivener, too. It’s great for big projects. I’m not using it now but plan to for re-writes.

      I definitely go through periods where I hand-write. In fact, half of my Masters thesis was first handwritten and then when I went to to type it up, it was a nice way to get through a first round of easy edits. I often recommend writing longhand as a way to refocus and just to let words flow out. I do this when I get stuck. In a way OmmWriter is like that. I’ve been super productive with it. I haven’t felt compelled to write longhand with this current project but OmmWriter sort of serves that same function. It helps me to totally withdraw from distraction.

  3. Freudian slippers. There are so many places to go with that. And thanks for the mention. I’m new to the Unemployed Philosophers Guild, but I appreciate anything that has a Monty Python category.

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