Translating Dead German Poets

Translations of Dead German Poets.So what happens when you’ve been super busy, not responding to emails, getting back to people or being a suitable human? Procrastinate, of course. I’ve decided to collect my three previous translations I’ve posted to this blog and create a new project. I have already put up the originally three and some new ones are coming soon.

Some people squish stress balls in their hands, others clean their whole home. I choose to translate poems by dead and forgotten (at least, forgotten in the US) German-language poets to refocus and forget about everyday stresses. So without further ado…




  1. As I think you once said to me — more reading to fall behind on…

    Have you ever translated Georg Heym? A German commenter recommended “Der Irre” to me after I wrote about “The Dissection” in this post. I found an old translation from 1975 — someone’s thesis — but I haven’t tackled it yet. I’d be curious to read more from him, though.

    1. No, I haven’t heard of him. But thank you for steering me there. I have quite a deficit when it comes to foreign writers. I just looked at your post and I find it fascinating. I finally caught up on reading the blogs that I followed; now another thing to distract me from everything else!

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