Number 5 : Get This Blog Into Gear!

Bio PhotoIn keeping with #5 of last month’s post, A New Year for Acid Free Pulp, I’ve taken the plunge and signed up Acid Free Pulp for a Twitter account. My intention with this is to offer another venue in which to help people procrastinate find intriguing news and information about everything book related that I can offer. Just want to read the blog? That’s great! Perfect! I love having you but in addition to my regular blog posts, the new Twitter account will also act as a resource for interesting news articles as well as writing & publishing opportunities and events coming up that might not necessarily merit an entire blog post.

You can follow @AcidFreePulp.



  1. Good luck! I have yet to take the Twitter plunge on behalf of A Small Press Life. I haven’t been able to pull that particular trigger , although I know I should…

    1. Thank you! It has taken me awhile because I have never used Twitter before but I always have bookish things to share but sometimes there just not blog post material. Hopefully, the twitter account will be a nice supplement to the blog. I’ll definitely need a learning curve.

  2. Following. Added you to a list of Writing / Publishing types I follow. Twitter lists are good for sorting out followees in categories. Helps cut through the clutter of multudious tweets in your feed. Hope you will add @FloTLyon to your writing and reading lists :o)

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