A New Year for Acid Free Pulp

Yes, I have been particularly scattered brain, lazy, anxious, procrastination-prone, etc. etc. Maybe not the best way to start off a new year? However, being on a pseudo-vacation for the next month, away from NYC, in a tropical environment, is an excuse, right?? I am not one to get into “New Year’s Resolutions,” but I do like the occasional stimulation, especially, when it comes to books and writing. So, for my much delayed post of the new year, I have created more of a list of things I hope that will help me focus and be a more productive and better writer.

  1. Read more literature from overseas. In the US, we have a huge publishing market, but, alas, only three percent of books published in the US are those in translation. We are quite anemic when it comes to foreign literature. If you have an suggestions, both contemporary & classic, please feel free to leave a rec in the comment section.
  2. Don’t spread yourself too thin. I have the unfortunate tendency of taking on too many projects. This can result in not finishing something one has started. Recently, I was given the advice of setting up a superfluous deadline and if I am no longer interested in the project, drop it and move on to something I am interested in and passionate about. Hopefully, this will help me focus and not waste my time.
  3. Let it be a fantastical year! Besides including foreign literature, I shall also try to read more fantasy, sci-fi, myth, fairy tale etc. I am working on a side project now that is very much in the genre realm with elements of the fantastic and sci-fi. A great blog that I look to for works of horror and fantasy is Multo (Ghost). There is always something good happening over there.
  4. Sayonara book reviewingWell, maybe not completely. Writing reviews professionally is really not an interest of mine. I do it more for the small amount of money it gives me to buy groceries. When you are a writer of no importance, you tend to take on projects you normally wouldn’t want to do for little to no money. Some people like book reviewing, but it’s just not for me. I’ll probably still pick up a book or two, but keep it to a minimum this year. It also can cut into my own work.
  5. Get this blog in to gear. For a chunk of last year, I was out of the country and traveling around. For the most part, I had no internet or reliable internet, so my posts count did drop severely. I hope I will be able to post more interesting things in the coming weeks. My write-ups have been a bit more scarce (whilst on vacationing I am always unmotivated to turn on a computer), but, hopefully, I can provide some more interesting topics to read and exciting books to share.

Well, here’s to a fantastic year at Acid Free Pulp. Enjoy!


  1. I know what you mean about North American publishing xenophobia. A recommendation? Try Franco Ferrucci’s The Life of God (As Told By Himself) if you haven’t already. It was published in Italian as Il Mondo Creato.

    It isn’t recent, but I don’t think it’s widely known over here, either. In any case, no one to whom I mention it has ever heard of it. I’ve read it three or four times — it’s that good.

  2. I like your resolves! Here is my review of my sister’s first YA (but easily enjoyed by children & adults alike) novel “Back To Blackbrick”. I have included a link to reviews by people outside of her family 🙂 It is coming out on both sides of the Atlantic next month.

    1. Thanks, Ben. It also has a good rating by readers at Goodreads. I do have to admit, when I read your review for some reason, I first saw “ancient peacocks” and not “ancient padlocks.”

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