favorite cover designs for 2012 — NYTimes edition

The New York Times has posted their Favorite Book Cover Designs of 2012. They “asked people in and around the world of graphic design to name one of their favorite book covers from 2012 and briefly describe its appeal. The results follow.” Where I don’t agree with all of them, it was interesting to read the takes of various designers who are in the book industry. For example, the first listing is just god awful. But, one of my favorite designs of the year was included: Ben Marcus’ The Flame Alphabet. In person, the cover design really stands out and makes you want to pick it up and touch every part of the book. Have any favorites?



  1. I also love The Flame Object – I was looking forward to buying it, before I saw the terrible book trailer (in my opinion). The last design, for Polpo, caught my eye in the shop the other day, so that’s my second favourite – it’s so striking. I dislike the cricketer manual, because of the unpleasant shade of yellow and the stock-photo awkward jumping sportsmen.

    1. I haven’t seen the book trailer but I will go googling away now. I do remembering it not have such great reviews either, although, the premise sounded interesting.

      Polpo was also another favorite cover for me.

  2. Thanks!

    Judging books by their covers. I have been influenced many times while browsing library shelves and book stores. Only a few with pretty covers lived up to my expectations with the content inside.


    1. I do think there are plenty of wonderful books with fantastic covers (for example, I always think of the different incarnations of A Clockwork Orange), but of course, there are plenty of snoozers that have nice designs as well. I think there is no strict and fast rule.

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