Revenge by Stephen Fry

Before Revenge, I had never read any of Stephen Fry’s fiction. I did read the wonderfully engaging The Fry Chronicles which details his time at Cambridge and in the early years of his career. I absolutely love Stephen Fry and wish that we could get more of this funny Englishman in the US. So, I will have to be happy with just gobbling up his books.

Revenge was completely enjoyable. It was both “literary” and “plotty” (two labels that, unfortunately, seem to be mutually exclusive in the past years)–a well-written thriller to be exact with heaping spoonfuls of Fry’s wit and humor. It is a modern retelling of The Count of Monte Crisco,  a book I have yet to read (so pardon my ignorance to any parallels made to the Dumas classic). I read this book as pure enjoyment.

The novel starts in the very early 1980s, with the ever-handsome seventeen year old, Ned Maddstone. He leads a happy life with Oxford on the horizon, but his peers are having none of that. In a nasty plot gone awry, Ned is whisked into a strange and twisted cover up that results in his decades long imprisonment.

I wanted to know everything about Ned and the mystery and the REVENGE! I highly recommend.

Now that I am back in the States, I have many stacks of books to get through, so look out for some upcoming reviews.

Any suggestions or opinions on your favorite thrillers? 


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