Distractions : Philip K. Dick, Gogol, and the thrifty library

As a poor writer of no importance, I must keep my spending in check. Of course, I wish I would have an endless supply of cash money and one of those fancy home libraries that  really only exists in the movies. So, to help with my compulsion, I check out the cheap books that the sellers on the New York streets offer, utilize the public library, and hit up those wonderful organizations like my favorite Project Gutenberg, et al.

I have been stuck in ¡total distraction! perusing the many free titles on Amazon’s Kindle store. When I think of free books, I generally think of books in the public domain–classics, mythology, etc. Yet, yesterday, I came across a ton of stories by Philip K. Dick that are being offered for free. If you’re like me, the summer is time for some plotty fun. Perfect!

Also, not for free but for $0.99, are The Works of Nikolai Gogol, which includes the short story, “Viy,” which was made in to a fantastic film in Russia in 1967.


  1. The free Philip K. Dick stories I saw are all in the public domain in the United States. For more information and to find legally free PKD stories check out Public Domain Philip K. Dick Stories (http://www.philipkdickfans.com/2012/04/03/public-domain-philip-k-dick-stories/), the links there to the SFFaudio website, plus search the SFFaudio site and check Wikisource at http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Author:Philip_K._Dick. Project Gutenberg has apparently gotten extremely overcautious about post-1923 SF stories (probably all genres) from magazines in the last couple years which may provide the incentive for people to make more contributions to Wikisource. At the moment, SFFaudio may be the largest depository of US public domain stories by PKD in both text and audio. Around April 2011, the site got hit with a BS DMCA notice for a link to a Librivox recording of the US public domain story “Adjustment Team” and since then Jesse Willis has been documenting US copyright status of PKD stories with an emphasis on the ones corresponding to the titles of demonstrably false entries in the group copyright renewal registration number RE0000190631 and has been hosting text and audio versions of them on the SFFaudio site whose servers are located in the US despite its Canadian appearance.

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