[Dis]Regarding Slush, an update

My previous post dealt  with the phenomenon that is 50 Shades of Grey. Regardless of one’s opinion of the actual book(s), you can’t help but have a quick spine tingle when hearing about the book censorship that was going on down in Brevard County, Florida. The yokels down in their public library system thought it would be okay to pull these books off the shelves because their naive opinion was that these are clearly pornographic materials because they heard someone jokingly refer to the books as “mommy porn” and “soft porn.” Give me a break!

I haven’t read these books so I have no opinion on them but I do have the opinion that in this day and age it is obscene to censor books–at a public library, of all places. After all of her nonsense that was quoted in various news sources, Library Services Director Cathy Schweinsberg, had the unironic audacity to make this statement: “We have always stood against censorship. We have a long history of standing against censorship and that continues to be a priority for this library system.”

Well, I will stop picking on the numbnuts library  services director and just be happy that book censorship has been thwarted once again!

One comment

  1. If they are pulling them for the bad writing ( and I confess I only read a chapter so my knowledge about the whole thing is poor) then I agree, it’s poor writing, but if they are pulling them for the subject, then help us all

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