Young Lovecraft by José Oliver and Bartolo Torres

As my local branch of the NYPL was just about to close and I was getting that anticipatory look from the tired staff, I found a display of new books including an interesting looking graphic novel called Young Lovecraft by José Oliver and Bartolo Torres. I’m not well-versed in the world of graphic novels but I have read a few and I’ve enjoyed the ones that I’ve picked up.

Young Lovecraft is an alternative biography of the classic horror writer, H.P. Lovecraft. My favorite parts were the panels where the young Lovecraft is rewriting some of his favorite tales–The Raven, Moby-Dick, etc.–but usually the endings differ with a giant creature destroying everyone. Also, he has a fun romp at a graveyard party with the ghosts of Poe, Rimbaud, and Baudelaire.

For a lover of literature it was a real pleasure. I’ve only read one of Lovecraft’s stories but it made me want to investigate some more.


  1. This looks like a fun read! I don’t read nearly enough graphic novels…
    I enjoy Lovecraft’s stories (despite the fact that Lovecraft is kind of a racist dick). They’re good nightmare fuel. 🙂

    1. Sometimes turning a blind-eye just has to happen. Recently, I found out that Roald Dahl was an anti-semite. Although, there is something about the blow-hardiness of Salman Rushdie and VS Naipul and the misogynistic views of the two that I can’t get over.

      1. I didn’t know that about Roald Dahl. His books were pretty much my childhood. But yeah, Lovecraft can be a bit in-your-face about it, which has the odd effect of making me want his characters to be devoured by tentacled monstrosities. Luckily that happens a lot.

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