Big Book Book Club

After a week of finishing up a few leftover airplane reads (which proved to be plotty page-turners), I made the decision to return to literature. Recently, a close friend finished tackling the monster that is Anna Karenina. She enjoyed it and I thought to myself that it would be great to read but really, when would I have the time? Then yesterday, over coffee with another writerly friend, she told me about the “Big Book Book Club.” Apparently, a group of her friends would get together more as a support group to finish these albeit, long and sometimes difficult classics. They set goals (example, read 10 chapters by X date).

I have always criticized myself for being ill-versed in 19th century Russian literature (my battered and unread copy of Crime and Punishment sits atop my mantle tormenting me every hour of every day). Although, I do not have my own “Big Book Book Club” to help with tackling this Tolstoy masterpiece, I have set the challenge for myself. There are no excuses, ladies and gents. My original complaint was the book is too big; I’m not carrying that on the subway. But wait! NYPL has the ebook available and it is the translation that was very much recommended to me (Penguin Classics * Deluxe Edition translated by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky).

If you, too, are up for the challenge I welcome the company, but I wholeheartedly understand the desire to read some pre-summer reads instead of a grim centuries’ old Russian tome. But for me, the game is set!


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