Kreativ Blogger Award

Thank you so much to Kris Merino and her fantastic blog, Intelligent Life. She was kind enough to honor me with this second award. Everyone should read her posts; they’re always insightful and she’s on a Universe trend lately which I LOVE! (read: beautiful photos of space, brainy words from physicists). The two rules of receiving this award are 1) name 6 blogs to pass this on to and 2) 10 facts you don’t know about me. There are so many great blogs that I read. I wish I could bequeath this to all of them!

In no particular order…

  1. Literalab
  2. Schietree
  3. Subtlekate
  4. Multo (Ghost)
  5. Books Without Any Pictures
  6. I Hate My Brain

10 facts…that’s a lot!

  1. Because I blog anonymously at Acid Free Pulp, some people assume that I’m a man but I’m not! Definitely a woman last time I checked.
  2. I’m double-jointed in my right arm and can turn it all the way around.
  3. I can never just read one book at a time. (I have a problem)
  4. I once saw a woman dressed as a pack of birth control dancing in the park Bollywood-style.
  5. My favorite pancake is the luxurious banana pancake.
  6. I don’t like monkeys…for real, get that chimpanzee away from me.
  7. I’ve been working on the first 50 pages of my novel for the past two years.
  8. I own multiple copies of Gravity’s Rainbow but have never read it.
  9. I see Wallace Shawn EVERYWHERE in NYC! It’s like he’s stalking me or something.
  10. I have to interview an author in February as part of a literary festival and am incredibly nervous because I’ve never done anything like this before.


      1. The bhangra-dancing birth control vid made the rounds with my friends when it came out. Hilarious. I’m actually jealous that you saw it in the flesh! Or in the pill, so to speak.

  1. I served as a journalist in the Army for five years, and the key to conducting any interview is to make the person feel comfortable, as if it’s a conversation between the two of you. Have a short list of focused questions, but don’t worry about getting them all asked. Ideally, the person being interviewed will start talking and tell you things you never thought to ask, which often is much more interesting than you could ever anticipate. But if they do end up being a bore, go to the questions you have prepared.

    1. Thanks, Ed. I’m just a bit nervous to conduct this interview in front of a room of people and the author is from Europe, so I’m not sure of her English language skills yet. I’m feeling more confident, though.

  2. Congratulations on the award – I’ll put up a post of my favourite blogs again (with you top of the list for nominating) as I’m not overburdened with facts about myself. I agree with monkeys though. Creepy things, too almost-human.

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