Writerly Nerd Alert

I suppose this could also fall into the category of History Nerd Alert, too. For numerous reasons, it’s great living in NYC and one of them is all of the fantastic libraries, both public and private, that we have. I was perusing the stacks yesterday in search of a book that pertained to the novel I’m writing (DISCLAIMER: my research includes WWII/Nazi Germany + artwork; I’m not some weirdo totally obsessed with Hitler, for your information). The book I was searching out, clearing had been stolen and the librarians couldn’t find it either.

But then it happened…

Total, full-on NERD ALERT!

It was a smorgasbord of original texts from Europe from the war. Also, for some crazy reason, they have not been shelved away in the rare book department. Better for me. I checked out two books: Making Hitler Look Silly and Ein Buch vom Führer für die Deutsche Jungend (A Book from the Leader for the German Youth).

The first, is a collection of caricatures by Kukrynisky and the second, was a book distributed to the German youth. Not only is it a treat to see these books in person, but also, to delicately handle them. It’s that cliché: like holding a part of history. I’ve taken some quick photos of the books and put them below. Click on the images to make them larger.


  1. Thanks for posting the pics. It looks like they had the American flag backwards on the one cover. Wish I spoke German, and had access to Ein Buch Vom Fuhrer, since my second novel involves a geriatric member of the Hitler Jugend. Thanks. Great post.

  2. There might be re-prints in a few libraries or rare book rooms in the US. I probably won’t really look over it because of how fragile it is but if I glance an interesting passage, I’ll post an English translation.

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