Dicksquid, or strange Google search terms

I occasionally glance at the search terms people have used in Google, Bing, etc. to find my blog. Normally, they are what I expect: bukowski, kafkaesque examples, classic literature and so on and so forth. Much to my amusement, someone actually type in the term ‘dicksquid’ and found their way to Acid Free Pulp. My internet surfing is pretty tame, so I was a bit apprehensive to put that term into Google but I grew some cojones and did it anyways. I’m sure if I kept scrolling, I would have encountered some unsavory websites but the first thing to display was a video. It was an interpretation of Chapter 59 of Moby Dick. The use of Philip Glass’s music was a nice touch, too.

post script, Once, my mother ordered me a copy of Moby Dick. When it arrived in the mail, I sent her a quick text message to let her know that I had received it. Thanks to my cell phone’s auto-correct, yes ladies and gentlemen, I told my mom that “Mint Dick is here.”



  1. I’ve gotten some pretty interesting (and messed up) search results before, but my all-time favorite is “feeds off of souls of children.” I’m not sure whether to be proud or scared.

  2. A lot of people are looking for me, which is nice, but my favourite strange ones include ‘Old experimental tall greenhouses’ just because I’d wonder what that those would look like, and the more worrying ‘Wild turkeys stuck in the snow and die’. Nothing so evil as Grace has experienced!

  3. I love when bloggers write about google search terms because they are always SO weird. Just imagine what that person was thinking…”I wonder if squids have dicks…hmmm…let’s google…alright I’m googlin’….google, google, google…” I sang that as I typed it and bounced back and forth.

  4. I don’t consider stats particularly worthwhile (I’m not really looking to be a huge blog, so the number of visitors doesn’t bother me), but I find search terms to be interesting. When I get a strange one, I always wonder about the searcher and if they ever found what they were looking for. Because I know the person who stumbled on my blog with ‘Richard Armitage Orgasm’ did not find what they were looking for.

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