Westsider Books

courtesy of Google

Westsider Books is seriously, one of my favorite book shops in the city. Besides used and rare books, they also sell music. A few years ago, I stumbled across this store while I was walking down the street. Anyone could have missed it. FOREVER, there was scaffolding covering the entrance.

Inside the two-level store, books are jammed everywhere. They have some kind of arrangement going on but there are still so many books inside that they have to make piles on the steps leading to the second floor. The few employees make a good effort of dividing the books into appropriate sections (fiction, philosophy, plays, etc.). I am really taken with their WWII history section which I have aptly titled, ‘The Hitler Section.’

Outside, they always have a treasure trove of $1 books and when the Occupy Wall Street library books were destroyed, Westsider offered these books up for free to the occupants.

Truthfully, I’ve only ventured to the top floor once. I’m usually perusing the well-stocked fiction section and the aforementioned wall-o-Hitler books that call the first floor home. Last month, I finally trekked up to the second floor where the rare books are kept. The prices are out of my league but it’s still a pleasure to take a look. To get a better idea of the interior of the store, I snapped a crummy photo on my cell phone (below).

2246 Broadway | New York, NY | 10024


  1. Looks awesome. Though I’d be terrified of getting a book from the top shelf :)I have a similar store near me that winds around and around itself; I could get lost in there for hours.

  2. The last time I went, I asked the clerk if they had a specific writer. He climbed the tall ladder himself. So, no need to worry about venturing to the top shelf yourself. Although, when you are at the top of the stairs you can lean over and grab a book at the very top.

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