Und fertig!

and finished! …in German.

I am happy to say after a week of scrambling thanks to the publisher bumping up a due date, I have finished my first real literary translation. Granted, when I say finished, I mean that I have scribbled out some English words that might in some way correspond to the original text. I still have the week to go over my translation with my helpful native German speaker, send some pages to the author, and go over some sections with two other German-English translators working on this project who will help me with the more idiomatic elements of the story. Oh yeah, I also have to type up a clean and literary final draft for 9 January.

Phew! My mind has been mush (hence, the lighter posts lately but hopefully, I have some reviews, etc. up my sleeve soon) and I will be completely relieved once this whole process is over.

In conclusion, come next week, I will be consuming champagne or proseco, a very very big meal, and possibly, some delicious baked-good will be involved. For now, however, I will be watching some brainless internet television before I have to start thinking about my translation work for the coming week…


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