A Writerly Gift…to me!

I hope everyone had a marvelous New Year’s Eve. I finally had a night that didn’t end in disaster like previous years (a fellow party-goer laid out on a stretcher covered in his own blood and not moving due to his newly broken neck or getting stuck on a downtown train in the Financial District). No, this year was just friends, Proseco, and baked goods. Perfect.

Today was sunny and on the warmish side in NYC. I had some how deluded myself into thinking that I was going to get work done today but instead I bought myself a New Year’s Day gift. I splurged and bought a three-pack of these Thomas Paul designed notebooks.

I normally purchase three-packs of Moleskine notebooks. They are slim, I like the quality of the paper, and I can easily throw them in my bag. But, alas, I succumbed and rationalized this gift to myself as a celebration of the New Year. I also love nautical artwork and one of my local bookstores was having a 20% off sale today.

Geez, nerd alert! Did I just write about notebooks?  My brain feels like mush now but hopefully not after the conclusion of this coming week. Hooray to 2012!



  1. hey, no worries, writing about notebooks. I sometimes like to grab my favorite Waterman pen, and write the old fashioned way. It’s fun, but later, I’m unable to read what I scribed…therefore, pixels work better and faster for me! Happy New Year

    1. I searched to see if they were available to order online but I couldn’t find anything. I even checked my local bookstore’s website but they only list the books for sale, not the accessories.

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