Hold My Place, Please

It really takes a lot for a New Yorker to think someone is crazy.

Yesterday seemed like the last day that the temperature would be above 50 degrees F, so I walked to one of my favorite coffee shops in my neighborhood. I ordered a coffee then sat at a table outside. I cracked open my book, taking short breaks to glance up at the beautiful church across the street, when all of a sudden the guy at the table next to me says, “You dropped your playing card.” It took me a few beats to realize what he was talking about and when I looked up at him, it was clearly written across his face that he thought I was a nutter. Granted, I didn’t have a deck of cards in front of me nor was I dressed like a magician or a Vegas blackjack dealer, so I quickly explained to him that it was my bookmark. His face changed back to normal and I think he was at ease with knowing the fact that it was my bookmark and not my calling card that I leave at the scene of the crime.

Much to my dismay and my brain’s, I usually am reading at least two books at once. I need multiple bookmarks because of this and because of my bizarre habitual misplacement of said bookmarks. For the longest time, I’ve been using playing cards from a deck that somehow lost a few of its comrades years ago. They are sturdy and the perfect size for almost all books. There’s no losing your place with the always reliable ten of hearts.

I went to Etsy and searched for the term ‘bookmarks.’ A massive number came up with the results: 33,512 items found! There are some really crafty and unique bookmarks listed. I particularly liked this Wizard of Oz inspired one.

I know this post is a little on the lighter side, but who needs a brain buster on a Friday, right?



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