New York City as my Bookstore

Like most book lovers, I have an obscene amount of books littered throughout my apartment. I’m always telling myself: “No more books! Use the library! Don’t spend another dime on a book!” Alas, this isn’t always the case, especially, when you live in New York City. We have great bookstores and libraries but we also have Mephistopheles lurking on many corners tempting me with $2 books. Once, I even talked a guy into giving me a book in exchange for a couple of quarters.

Well, needless to say, I succumbed. I made off with copies of Crime & Punishment and The Secret Agent, each for $2.

My December/January-Books-to-Read-because-it’s-too-Cold-Outside list keeps getting bigger and bigger!



  1. Many of our Mephistopheles also leave their books out at the end of the day for people to take. I recently got a free copy of The Plague by Camus. The street booksellers don’t want to lug the books back with them.

    In Florida, some of the public libraries often have tiny used bookshops themselves or lay out used books on tables near the front. They are usually very reasonably priced (under a dollar!) because it’s all donations. Definitely, check out your local library.

  2. I love Crime and Punishment. Also read his Notes from the Underground. The Salvation Army has a huge selection of books. Don’t like shopping, but give me a bookstore, and, well yes, I buy. I have eight books that I have yet to read that I bought. All classics, well except for Tuesdays with Morrie.

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