Art & Propaganda

I’ve previously mentioned what my current research is. While this post isn’t specifically about books and literature, I hope that even the greatest neophyte of world history can make the connection. Yesterday, I was reading an article about Hitler and the Nazi Archives. This brief article discusses the degenerate art that Hitler’s regime censored and the Aryan art that they celebrated.

Photos of all the art pieces in the exhibitions, as well as information about who bought what, were put together into six massive volumes. But for six decades, those books have collected dust on the shelves of Munich’s Central Institute for Art History. Delving into the aesthetic inclinations of the Nazis was taboo.But that changed recently when the archive was made available online at

Propaganda and censorship of art and writing was a huge part of the Nazi mission. Because of my intense interest in this part of World War II history, I find myself frequently perusing the internet for articles and information about this part of the past. Nothing good can come out of censoring and condemning the arts and we have history to prove it. Below, I’ve included some interesting links to more information, as well as paintings, posters, and other art and literature from that time period.

Over this past summer, the Museum of Modern Art had a fantastic exhibit about German Expressionism. These artists were despised by Hitler and his regime. One of my favorite artists from that movement is Otto Dix.

Sturmtruppe geht unter Gas vor (Otto Dix), courtesy of Wikipedia



    1. I agree. There is definitely a bi-polarity with viewing propaganda. On one hand, I get incredibly intrigued by the artistic approach and historical content but it is also horrifying because it came out of such a terrible time.

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